Google Earth shows Appalachians were eroded by receding floodwaters

Further to my two recent posts these two Google-Earth images provide further evidence the Appalachians were eroded by the receding waters of Noah’s Flood. My first post presented a reinterpretation of a paper published in GSA Today (a publication of … Continued

Lead author challenges Noah’s Flood interpretation of Appalachians

Sean Gallen, lead author of the GSA Today paper about the uplift of the Appalachians, which I connected with Noah’s Flood has responded with the following comment. My response is interspersed. I am the first author on the article “Miocene … Continued

Appalachians eroded by receding waters of Noah’s Flood, new GSA paper shows

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An interesting article, published in GSA Today (a publication by the Geological Society of America) in February 2013, describes features of the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. These are a system of mountain ranges in eastern North America, extending from … Continued

Don Prothero’s two-gallon simulation of Noah’s Flood for the BBC Road Trip

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Don Prothero, selected as the ‘geological expert’ for Andrew Maxwell’s BBC Conspiracy Road Trip, played a little trick on the creationist team with a two-gallon ‘simulation’ of Noah’s Flood (beginning at about 8:44 on the video). He says on his … Continued

Professor Don Prothero on the BBC Conspiracy Road Trip confuses evidence with imagination

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The BBC Conspiracy Road Trip hosted by comedian Andrew Maxwell took five creationists to Grand Canyon as part of his examination of creationism. Maxwell had teed up geology Professor Don Prothero to meet the team, as the “expert” who had … Continued