Windjana Gorge, Western Australia, was not an ancient barrier reef

Recently, a friend asked if I knew about Windjana Gorge in the north of Western Australia. He said, “It is on the Gibb River road in the Kimberley and the information there said the cliffs were a reef. It was … Continued

Ormiston Gorge, Central Australia

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The spectacular geology and landforms of the MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia are graphically revealed in Ormiston Gorge, which cuts some 300 metres deep through a high ridge, around 135 km west of Alice Springs. The gorge exposes thick strata … Continued

Dinosaurs caught fleeing rising waters of Noah’s Flood along the Yukon River, Alaska

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Researchers reported finding, in July 2013, thousands of dinosaur footprints fossillized in the rocks alongside the banks of the Yukon River, Alaska. Photos of the expedition and dinosaur prints were published on These provide an amazing glimpse of the … Continued

Geological History of the Perth region, Western Australia, within a biblical framework

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The geology around Perth is quite different from the eastern states in that there is little variety in the types of rocks exposed. All the same there are some very interesting and special features to observe. Floodwaters rising The oldest … Continued

The geological history of Victoria, Australia, within a biblical framework

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Floodwaters rise The deepest rocks in the vicinity of Phillip Island, indeed in Victoria, are related to the exposed fold belts of eastern Australia.1 These were deposited rapidly early during the global Flood (Genesis 6–8) under the ocean. There was … Continued