A brand new issue of Journal of Creation with lots of geology articles

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The latest issue of Journal of Creation is hot off the press again. I’ve had the privilege of seeing one of the first copies. Journal of Creation 28(1) April 2014 features Mars on its cover and has many excellent articles … Continued

Geological maps show geological history of the Gold Coast, Australia, and relation to Noah’s Flood

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This geological map (figure 1) of the Gold Coast area in Queensland has each geological unit marked in a different colour. The legend on the map signifies what each colour refers to, and is arranged with the youngest rocks at … Continued

Dinosaurs caught fleeing rising waters of Noah’s Flood along the Yukon River, Alaska

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Researchers reported finding, in July 2013, thousands of dinosaur footprints fossillized in the rocks alongside the banks of the Yukon River, Alaska. Photos of the expedition and dinosaur prints were published on livescience.com. These provide an amazing glimpse of the … Continued