Dinosaurs caught fleeing rising waters of Noah’s Flood along the Yukon River, Alaska

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Fossil foot print of the hind foot of an herbivorous dinosaur recovered from Yukon River, Alaska
Fossil foot print recovered from Yukon River, Alaska, of the hind foot of an herbivorous dinosaur
Researchers reported finding, in July 2013, thousands of dinosaur footprints fossillized in the rocks alongside the banks of the Yukon River, Alaska. Photos of the expedition and dinosaur prints were published on livescience.com.

These provide an amazing glimpse of the attempts of the animals to escape the rising waters of Noah’s Flood.

The researchers, from the University of Alaska Museum of the North, found large and small footprints inside the Arctic Circle on an 800 km expedition down the Tanana and Yukon rivers. They brought back 900 kg of fosillized dinosaur footprints.

Researcher Paul McCarthy, of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said the footprints were abundant: “We found dinosaur footprints by the scores on literally every outcrop we stopped at.” This is certainly represents unusual behaviour and unique conditions that were present at the time.

Preserved in strata classified as Cretaceous, the dino prints were described as ‘natural casts’ formed after the creatures stepped in mud, and sand filled in their footprints. Crew member Pat Druckenmiller said this resulted in fossils that look like “blobs with toes.”

It’s clear that the prints were preserved in most unusual conditions. There could not have been much time between the animal stepping in the mud and the sand filling in the depression, otherwise the print would have eroded away. And the thickness of the strata indicate that the water level was rising, allowing space for more sediment to be deposited on top.

Footprints like this are classic evidence for the Inundatory stage of Noah’s Flood, in particular the period as the waters were approaching their peak (here’s another example from China). It is clear that the animals were still alive, so the waters had not completely covered the earth. Once the earth was inundated, all land-dwelling, air-breathing animals perished.

Every living thing that moved on the earth perished—birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind. Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died. Genesis 7:21–22.

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  1. ATT

    Love your work Tas! But how would you respond to the skeptic who questions why the dino prints couldn’t be formed by another flood? That is, why Noah’s one in particular?

    Tas Walker responds:
    It was worked out by application of the biblical geological model. The idea of the model is to work out where different rocks on earth fit within biblical history. For the dinosaurs it was worked out in detail for eastern Australia and that was applied to the Alaskan footprints by extension. http://biblicalgeology.net/Model/Application-to-GAB.html

  2. Thomas Dobrucky

    Just like ATT asked I to am skeptical. I want to believe what you are saying but alas I am a doubting Thomas. I always laugh to find that archeologists pronounce things with such assured conviction like they were there witnessing it. For example like something is two billion years old and they can tell how an ancient animal hunted and describe it with such accuracy. How would anyone know when there is absolutely no visual evidence and how could you proclaim something is 2 billion years old based on theory. So my question is , “how do you know they were fleeing a flood let alone Noah’s”. Is it the many and various foot prints all together that normally wouldn’t be seen together? Or are these foot prints not typically found in this area hence possibly flood waters forcing animals to higher grounds. I would love more detail to your theory. And as always no matter which side you are on it is all theory nobody can actually prove that is what really was going on. If you can prove it I would love to hear it too. Thank you for presenting Biblical archeology.

    Tas Walker responds:
    Hi Thomas,
    Did you look up those links I gave in my response to ATT. They provide some of the thinking and reasoning behind my interpretation that the footprints were made as the dinosaurs were fleeing Noah’s Flood. Sure, it’s an interpretation, but it is based on the biblical model, the evidence, classification of the rock units in Australia, comparison and deduction. I deliberately leave out all the justification from these simple articles, just as the press announcements that the long-age evolutionary people make, in order to make the blog items more readable. I’d suggest you do more reading of the articles already on the site that deal with the biblical model, and classification of rocks from various places.