Opals form in weeks

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Opal doublet (from Wikipedia)
Opal doublet (from Wikipedia)
Biblical geologists have long demonstrated that opals form rapidly, as revealed in this 1994 article by Andrew Snelling, Creating opals: Opals in months—not millions of years!
Another example is on this DVD Raging Waters, which has a section with Len Cram at Lightning Ridge. It shows opals that have been grown in weeks in Len’s outback corregated-iron laboratory. For another example see Opals from bacteria? published in 2000.
Mainstream geologists are catching up, but they still do not seem to know about Len Cram’s pioneering work. If they had read the writings of biblical geologists they would have known long ago.
The latest from mainstream geologists is in a report in June 2011 by the Geological Survey of New South Wales. It said:

The time taken for the formation of opal is therefore probably of the order of weeks to months and not the hundreds of thousands of years required by the conventional weathering model.

Notice “weeks and months”. That’s a big difference from “hundreds of thousands of years”!

The opals in Australia formed as the waters of Noah’s Flood were rising on the earth, not long before they reached their peak.

Rapid opals demolish another one of the many false beliefs that stop people believing Noah’s Flood happened.


Watkins, J.J., Behr, H.J. and Behr, K., Fossil microbes in opal from Lightning Ridge—implications for the formation of opal, Quarterly Notes 136, Geological Survey of New South Wales, June 2011.

A pdf of the report is available.

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  1. Carl Froede Jr.

    Opals have been of interest to creationists due to the naturalistic assertion that they take millions of years to form. An opal coating on some dinosaur bones was noted and reported from Big Bend Texas (Froede, C. 1995. Surficial replacement of dinosaur bone by opal in Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas. CRSQ 32(1):11). The opal was derived from the volcanic sediments which surround the dinosaurian bones. Not all bones have a surface coating of opal and the exact reason this forms selectively on some of the bones is still to be resolved.

  2. Hansruedi Stutz

    The non-radiometric methods to determine the age of minerals do by far not agree with the radiometric methods. This refutes the radiometric methods.
    Hansruedi Stutz

  3. Steve Bown

    Once again, proof that we don’t need millions of years. However, God has made sure that non-believers continue to be veiled from the truth. Refer to the NSW Govt.Primary Industries fact sheet on opal formation.
    ‘At the time the Cretaceous sediments were deposited, abundant organic matter and montmorillonite (smectite) clay within some sediments provided an ideal habitat for the microbes to feed and breed. Waste acids and enzymes excreted by the microbes caused the chemical weathering of clay minerals and feldspars in the surrounding rocks.
    Ultimately, the ongoing feeding and waste production processes of the microbes created favourable physical and chemical conditions for the formation of opal.’

    It’s up to us to scientifically reveal the truth, but it’s up to God to choose the ones who will listen.

  4. Mrs. Eleanor Clemons

    Thanks for this short article, wish it was longer. I like opals, and so it is nice to see something written about them. Thanks for the education here. Hope others will be able to read it and be educated as well.

  5. malachi

    hahahaha you guys are in so much wilful denial/ignorance I had no Idea you are so corrupt to believe such clap trap mumbo jumbo, god this god that.

    You muppets have populated the ages with your superstitious bigotry I had thought reason or at least intelligence would have opened your eyes to the realities of life & death.

    First it was animals for the hunter gatherers then it was the elements for the farmers, celestial bodies for the stone builders (Maths) & variations of the prior till you decided it was a human figures that ruled the universe, then just the one human ruled it.

    have you any idea how stupid you Luddite’s sound I would gladly tow the lot of you to live in the middle of the Atlantic so you can spend the rest of your delusional lives arguing & killing each other over the properties of a non existent entity

    you all are certifiable
    oh & I am aware of the name I used hahaha!

    Tas Walker responds: Did you notice that the above article about opals forming rapidly was by the Geological Survey of New South Wales? Perhaps you should direct your comments to them.