Brochure about Glass House Mountains, Australia

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Brochure about Glass House Mountains
Brochure about Glass House Mountains
Here’s an attractive brochure just printed showing how the Glass House Mountains, a popular tourist destination in South east Queensland, were formed during the catastrophic Flood of Noah’s time. I’m keen to see Christians promoting the biblical worldview in the public arena.

This brochure is geographically specific but that is where we need to operate. Remember the saying, “Think globally; act locally.”

Most people in Australia would know of these mountains and will visit the area sometime. It is home to Australia Zoo, made famous by the late Steve Irwin.

People can give this brochure to family and friends. Local churches on the Sunshine Coast can circulate it through the district. As well as showing how the volcanic plugs are dramatic evidence for Noah’s Flood, the brochure ends with a short gospel presentation.

People can order the brochure in bulk from CMI Australia or download the print file and print their own.