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<em>Journal of Creation</em> <strong>24</strong>(3), December 2010.
Journal of Creation 24(3), December 2010.
The latest issue of Journal of Creation, volume 24(3), is now available. Creationist scientists have had to establish their own research journals because mainstream science journals are tightly censored and closed against creationist ideas.

One of the first such journals was the Creation Research Society Quarterly, which commenced publication in 1964.

Journal of Creation began in 1984 as Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, and has undergone a couple of name changes since. All the papers published are listed on the web. After a one-year embargo, past articles are made available free. I have long been an enthusiast of the Journal, so it has been a wonderful experience over the last eleven years to have had the privilege of being part of the editorial team.

As well as these two journals, there are a few other good ones that are now being published. Consequently, we are seeing a significant body of creationist research becoming available, and starting to influence researchers in the scientific establishment—even if it is just to make them more aware of the need to be careful about what they say.

If you are a researcher, lecturer or teacher, or just a science enthusiast, whether creationist, IDer, evolutionist or atheist, I would encourage you to subscribe. The scope of the Journal is broad, so when you receive the Journal of Creation you will become powerfully informed of the alternative way of looking at the scientific big picture, and see how it affects the details in your area of interest. As well as being personally enlightening you will become better equipped in what you do.

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