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Journal of Creation 26(1), 2012
Journal of Creation 26(1), 2012
The latest Journal of Creation produced by Creation Ministries International is back from the printers and mailing now. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest in biblical based thinking on scientific issues.

In this issue there are many articles relevant to biblical geology:

  • The moon’s former magnetic field—still a huge problem for evolutionists
  • Thermal isostasy—a new look at its potential to advance diluvial geology
  • Fossil ranges continue to expand through the geological column
  • Three early arguments for deep time—Part 2: volcanism
  • The origin of the American Indian populations
  • Is plate tectonics occurring today?

That is just the geology.

The Journal deals with biology, history, genetics, evolution, and anthropology, to name a few.

Another excellent feature is the book reviews where you can get a good handle on a range of relevant books—and decide if you want to read the full version.

Each issue includes something like 100,000 words so there is plenty for people to get their teeth into. I always say, if you can only follow half of the articles you still have followed a lot. And the fact that you have the Journal means that you are developing your knowledge and skills.

I’m keen on the Journal because it raises the academic standard of creation science around the world and provides a forum of robust academic debate.

I’d like to encourage people to subscribe.