Thousands of dinosaur footprints found in China

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Dinosaur footprint
Dinosaur footprint
I saw this recent BBC report about scientists from China finding 3,000 dinosaur footprints in the Zhucheng area of eastern Shandong province.

I always enjoy these reports because they are describing evidence of Noah’s Flood but don’t realize it.

One puzzling feature is that the dinosaurs were running the same way. Why were they doing that?

The scientists from China suggest the footprints “could represent a migration or a panicked attempt to escape predators.”

A migration? I wonder why they ran through all that soft mud. I wonder if their papers were in order.

Fleeing predators? Panicked? Just note this: the scientists have identified six types of dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs, coelurosaurs and hadrosaurs. And they are suggesting that all these animals are so frightened of predators that they are all fleeing in panic?

Some of the footprints were nearly a metre long. I wonder how big the predators were. Are they telling us that, for all its size, Tyrannosaurus was a wimp? That would make a good angle for a science paper.

Footprints are a key classification criteria that help us work out when rocks formed in biblical history.

The sediments are thick so a lot of material was brought in quickly and spread over a large area. The mud was still soft so it was deposited not long before but quickly hardened preserving the prints, which were soon covered by more sediment.

So it’s easy to understand why the dinosaurs panicked. They were fleeing the rising waters of Noah’s Flood. Footprints mean the animals were alive, so the waters were still rising and had not yet covered the whole earth and destroyed all air-breathing animal life (Genesis 7:19–23).

Lots of dinosaurs perished in the area, as evidenced by dinosaur fossils being found at some 30 sites around Zhucheng—so many that it has been called “dinosaur city”. But it really should be called “dinosaur graveyard”.

The animals fossilized because they were buried quickly, another sign of the magnitude of the Flood disaster. And evidence that the 100 million years mentioned in the article are imaginary. The sediments were deposited rapidly so the eons of time did not exist.

Scientists and journalists present this sort of evidence within their personal philosophy of evolution over millions of years. It’s a belief system about the past that they simply assume without question because that is what they have been told. But when you understand the true history of the world as recorded in the Bible, you can see what is really going on with these animals. And you can enjoy the funny side of the hilarious explanations that the media passes onto its readers.

But the footprints also open a graphic window where we can see something of the terror and devastation connected with Noah’s Flood—very sobering.

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  1. Winston Broad

    Thanks for your logic Tas.
    I wish everyone could have such encouraging news at the start of a new week showing again how easily the geological facts fit into the recent-creation-followed-by-Noah’s-flood template for looking at world history.
    You gotta love the way the whole scene they’re uncovering tells the story … you can just see it happening!

  2. Rod Bernitt

    Tas, good report on the China dinosaur footprints. Question: Is there a database that documents all the dinosaur mass burial sites found in the fossil record? I know Dinosaur National Monument in USA is an example but it seems I see reports like this scattered all over the world, thanks.

  3. Tas Walker

    Hi Peter,

    The soft material in which the footprint had been made would likely need to harden before the next layer of sediment was laid down on top. This would mean the newly-deposited sediment was mineral rich, a condition not usually encountered beside rivers and lakes today but to be expected during Noah’s Flood. The front of the advancing wave could have been highly aerated as it traveled, reducing its erosive capacity. There may have been a small, gentle rise in water level that preceded the huge wave. I’ve looked at how uniformitarians explain footprints for ideas but have not yet seen anything satisfactory from them.

  4. Dave Nutting

    Hi Tas,
    I don’t think that the top layer would have to harden first if the second deposition carried a slightly different composition of mud—say from a slightly different source. Another consideration is that the mud below each track would be compressed by the weight of the animal and that would consequently alter the hardness of the mud below the track. Without even differences in depositional environment and even within a standing body of silt laden shallow water, silt particles could continue to rain down on both the tracks and surrounding area. I can then see that subsequent modern erosion or human excavation would then detect the differences between the surrounding mud and the compressed or hardened tracks to clearly show trackways.

  5. Give me a break

    Tas, are you JOKING?! Your explanation is utterly farcical.

    It is a testiment to how silly your arguments have to be to excape the obvious.

    You are simply not qualified to hold an opinion on the subject.

  6. Tas Walker

    Hi Give me a break,
    It would be more useful if you could give reasons and evidence rather than attack the man.

  7. Dave F

    Hi Tas,

    Another explanation could be that the tracks were made post-flood. Animals could very well have walked through a muddy patch as they migrated from present-day Turkey. They may have been seeking more fertile lands or forced from their native habitat by hunters. The mud through which they walked later hardened, was perhaps subsequently covered by a mudslide from a nearby hill or local flood and preserved for us today.

  8. Tas Walker

    Hi Dave,
    Yes, tracks could have been made post-Flood so we would need to look at other criteria to decide. Dinosaur tracks are generally in strata that are of large geographical extent, have had much sediment deposited on top of them and in an area that has experienced a huge amount of erosion. (See for example the article about classifying the sediments of the Great Australian Basin, which contain lots of dinosaur tracks). This is strong evidence that the tracks were made as the floodwaters were rising. Mike Oard’s article about the relationship with the geological column concludes that Flood sedimentation is highly nonlinear with most sediment deposited in the Inundatory Stage. The Recessive Stage represents mainly continental erosion and deposition on the continental margins.

  9. Give me a break

    Your alleged flood would have washed away any footprints as would the alleged 40 days and nights of rain. This is so obvious that a child could see it and I cannot believe you are even trying this.

    No amount of special pleading (foamy waters or miraculous mineralisation) can excuse the obvious idiocy of this argument.

  10. Tas Walker

    Hi Mr Give me a break,
    You are a great mocker. Tell me, what is your explanation for how the footprints were preserved?

  11. Decon5

    We’re talking thousands of footprints heading in the same direction! ‘Wandering’ animals is out! The footprints show they’re running! Hunters may be likely, except the variety of animals show it’s a common foe! Is man running with dinosaurs now? (a favourite ‘no go’ of evos)….or is there an unknown predator to be found?

    Simplest answer is a catastrophe! No volcanoes or craters in view…so again the simplest answer is what we have been told by scribes! Unfortunately, some prefer their delusion in the fairy tale for grown-ups!

  12. Daniel

    Is not dr Tas’ degree in geology a qualification gmab? You are qualified to call his propositions farcical and silly? Why do you care so much? What are your motivations for posting here? Is the Holy Spirit pursuing you relentlessly? is that why you are so angry?
    Back to the article, the official explanations for the trackway is very weak.

  13. Frank

    There is another reason that explains this – the asteroid hit and caused the dinosuars to panic and run away. Then the result mud and water surge from the impact then helped to preserve the foot prints – this occurred a few million years ago and not 6000 as that would then have been recorded in the bible.

  14. chris tangey

    “Give me a break” calls Tas’ explanation farcical but then goes on to say that the flood would have washed away the footprints “…. as would the alleged 40 days and nights of rain. This is so obvious that a child could see it…”
    Tas clearly proposes the animals are running from rising waters, therefore once the footprints are covered by water what effect would 40 days (or 400 days) of rain have on them? Even if rain of a cyclonic ferocity came down on a kids 6 inch deep wading pool, do you think it would have any effect on the sand on the bottom? I think it is so obvious…oh never mind…

  15. Darren Higgins

    Hi Tas,
    Thanks. Your explanation is refreshing, sound and logical. Its typical that those who cannot refute the evidence or provide an alternative sound explanation resort to personal attacks & mockery. Keep up the good work of driving the nails into evolution’s coffin.

    Could you post your thoughts via blog commentary on the Alvis Delk Track? (see

  16. Chase

    Floods happen all the time all over the world, what makes you think this specific event was Noah’s flood? Since you believe the earth is only 6,000 years old you don’t even give other theories a slight consideration. Don’t assume just because this happened this way then it must be this, you’re looking at only 1 tiny shred of an enormous puzzle. Are there even any other features signifying a massive flood at that same point in time that rose to enormous levels? Most likely not. At one time that section in China could of been a coastal region of Pangaea and the dinosaurs could be fleeing from a Tsunami or even a volcano, how about an earthquake? Dinosaurs were not entirely intelligent and I’m assuming if you had to run for you life you’d go anywhere to save yourself even through soft mud.

  17. Jon

    My only problem with the “flood destroyed the dinosaurs” argument is that the Bible says Noah took aboard 2 of EVERY animal. That would include the dinosaurs. So basically the argument goes against the Word and can’t be justified.

    Genesis 19: And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. 20: Of the birds according to their kinds, and of the animals according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the ground according to its kind, two of every sort shall come in to you, to keep them alive. 21: Also take with you every sort of food that is eaten, and store it up; and it shall serve as food for you and for them.” 22: Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.

    So if Noah did this and the dinosaurs were here at the time of the flood, then there should be dinosaurs alive after the flood.

  18. jimmy

    So if dinosaurs died out because of Noahs flood 5000 years ago, how do you creative genii rationalize fossil fuels, or did God do it….

  19. Tas Walker

    Hello Jimmy,

    Virtually all the “fossil record” was deposited during the year-long Flood catastrophe. “Catastrophe” means it happened quickly, and so the idea that rocks formed over millions of years old is wrong. You need to ignore those dates. Vegetation buried during the Flood has become our coal deposits. On occasions these have released volatiles, which accumulated into the oil deposits we use. See Coal: memorial to the Flood and Coal, volcanism and Noah’s Flood.

  20. W Steele

    basically if noah lived over 900 years then its best to say that all life on earth lived a longer life than we all do now. so how big was a baby dinosaur. if it lived 50 years how big.. if it lived 500 years how big.. so who is to say we have these dinosaurs now, they just cant live long enough to get to their gigantic size.. if you read ancient books they speak of dragons, not saying fire breathing dragons, just dragons. and since the WORD dinosaur was created i believe in the 1700’s maybe early 1800’s what we call dinosaurs are most likely Dragons.