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Panderichythys is no longer an important transition but an evolutionary dead-end.
Panderichythys is no longer an important transition but an evolutionary dead-end.

No mention on the Wikipedia entry for Panderichthys about the tetrapod footprints found in Poland that predate it by at least 15 million years (in the evolutionary paradigm, of course). Wiki currently says:

The evolution from fish to land dwelling tetrapods required many changes in anatomy and physiology, most importantly the legs and their supporting structure, the girdles. Well preserved fossils of Panderichthys clearly show these structures in transition, making Panderichthys a rare and important find in the history of life.

“Clearly in transition”. That sounds a really good story. Here are some more amazing insights from that entry into the importance of Panderichthys:

Fish like Panderichthys were the ancestors of the first tetrapods, air-breathing, terrestrial animals from which the land vertebrates, including humans, are descended.

The Polish footprints mean that, in the evolutionary paradigm, Panderichthys is no longer “important”. The supposed evolutionary transition had already occurred. Panderichthys is not an ancestor of the air-breathing terrestrial animals. It’s an evolutionary dead-end. How things change.

That Wiki entry, like the Tiktaalik one, is another that needs a major makeover. What a job it will be trying to battle out a revised article on Wikipedia against all those who won’t want it to change. No wonder no-one has mentioned the footprint find, even after it has been in the news for nearly three weeks.

Update 7 February 2010: Still not a word on the Polish tetrapod footprints on Panderichthys on Wiki. It’s over a month now.

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  1. Give me a break

    You desperately need to understand evolution, you are just embarrasing yourself with this rubbish.

    I say again, try READING up on it so you don’t look so silly.

  2. Elijah

    Wikipedia also keeps deleting the fact that there is no 1460-year Sothic cycle or Sirius cycle. Though the stars current precessional location at 6h RA (180 degree longitude)does make it 365 leap days in 1460 years, the 1966 Uppsala Sweden convention on C14 clearly recognizes that its preChristian RA produces a rising altitude that changes it July 20 rise at geological 30 degrees to July 18 for 1314bc and July 17 for 2770-1513bc (Genesis whether long or short). That means only 1452 years (not 1460) from calendar inauguration to Romans. Yet post this 6 times in Wiki Pedia and you quit and give up because the spirit of the Devil not God is in man. You cannot have truth if the moderator hates God.