Young Age Creationism is good for science

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Those studying geology and those working as geologists in geological surveys, universities, and private industry will enjoy this article by Brett Smith from a 2008 Journal of Creation. It may be a bit of a challenge:

The current treatment of young-age creationists in the scientific community and society at large is unfair and unwise. Scientists and philosophers of science, including old-age creationists and naturalists, should respect young-age creationists as legitimate contributors to science. Young-age creationists offer to the current origins science establishment a competing rational viewpoint that will augment fruitful scientific investigation through increased accountability for scientists, introduction of original hypotheses and general epistemic improvement.

  1. Steve Drake

    Hi Tas,
    You asked me where the mature creation view is put forward. Check out John Byl’s blog,, concerning my comments to him and his responses on the post ‘Some Recent Reviews Concerning Genesis’, and the Green Baggins blog,, on the post ‘A Critique of Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople’ by Dr. Adrian Keister.