To some politicians who appeared with Richard Dawkins

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I wrote a note to a couple of the politicians who appeared on last night’s Q and A.

I saw you on Q & A last night and I appreciate the way you tried to stand up to Dawkins’ attacks on the Christian faith.

I thought it was interesting that not one person on the panel could answer Dawkins’ arguments but could only say, in effect, “Please be nice.”

I did a short take on the show here.

There were a lot of things that I found disturbing:

  • The blatant attacks on the Christian faith, painting Christians as stupid, ignorant and mean.
  • The applause of the audience when these attacks were made.
  • The inability of anyone to effectively defend their faith against Dawkins.
  • The misinformation about intelligent design. (Dawkins actually believes intelligent design is a valid scientific approach, but he will only accept certain types of designer.)
  • The misinformation about science.
  • The misinformation about the Christian faith.
  • The attacking of groups of people (creationists, Christians) without any recourse to a defense by a members of those groups.

These things seem like ominous dark clouds gathering in our country. Atheism was given a great boost last night courtesy of the ABC.

All the best,

Tas walker

PS: Dawkins’ evidence for evolution has been refuted here

Update 25 Mar: typo fixed

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  1. Vaughan

    We (atheists) are just sick and tired of a fairytale being used as a guiding principle for society. I would say a lot of people CLAIM to live by the bible’s teaching but actually don’t. Not even close. Then get an easy out with repenting their sins. How convenient. Humans are fallable, wow thanks bible.

  2. Coco

    Dawkins at least deserves the respect of believers for standing strong to his ideas. It is so easy for an atheist to play the mutual respect card. He came off looking like a real b*****d last night, that’s what it takes to speak from the brain.

  3. Tas Walker

    Hi Vaughan,

    I can appreciate your sentiments about fairy tales, except I regard evolution as the fairytale. The Bible records eyewitness history and is factual and reliable. Evolution is the story about the past which invokes events that are made up that no-one ever saw and it keeps changing. That is the invented story.

    You are right that some people claim the follow the Bible but do not live up to it. But that does not discredit the Bible. The fact is that we need to turn from our sins. Not just a show but sincerely meaning it. In other words we renounce and forsake them. The wonderful news is that when we repent and believe the gospel we will be completely forgiven. That can be your experience too.

  4. Tas Walker

    Hi Coco,

    I agree that Dawkins was the best informed person on this subject on the show. That may have been intentional by the show organizers in pursuit of their agenda. The ABC is like that. I know of many people who have emailed them asking them to provide balance by including someone competent on the subject and even suggesting names. But that does not suit their philosophy. I don’t think I have ever seen a show where someone was included who could hold their own on these issues. Dawkins is a very clever with audiences and he twists things to make his case. And the audiences they gather for the shows like it, as evidenced by the applause last night. The bait and switch tactic is a classic tactic he uses with great success. Mockery is another. Avoiding the issue is another. And of course, he is never confronted by a panelist or a journalist who is informed so he continues to get away with it.

  5. Frank

    I just stumbled across this website, and thought i would put my 2 cents in.

    The belief that the bible is literally an accurate account of the earths creation is an sad example of people not using common sense and looking at information presented to them critically.

    The bible was written a long time ago by various people over a long period of time. There are parts of the bible not included as they were considered to controversial – “the Gnostic sections” so we do not get the whole story. The stories presented to us in the bible were aimed at explaining things to the people of the time in simple examples.

    The bible is not meant to be taken literally if so then stoning children would be allowed if they talked back to us and we could own slaves legally. Most fundamentalist cannot fathom that the information presented in the bible is there to explain things in a simple way designed for simple people of the time.

  6. Sue

    Richard Dawkins was interviewed in the context of being a principal speaker at the atheists convention.

    So why, in the context of this event, does he have to allow Christians to defend their beliefs?

    Fortunately we still live in a free society in which any and every one can say whatever they like about religion, and the religious beliefs of any and every one too.

    And in which one does not have to full of fake Christian piety to become an elected politician, as in the USA by comparison.

  7. Tas Walker

    Why should the ABC include someone who can respond to Dawkins attacks?

    Because the ABC is publicly funded.
    The ABC should allow people to defend themselves.
    He was promoting his new book “The evidence for evolution”.
    The listening audience would be better informed.
    Dawkins was wrong and misinformation should be cleared up.
    It would make more interesting radio.
    We live in a free society.
    Etc. …

  8. Grahame Gould

    It’s a pity that uninformed unbelievers are the only people who have previously commented.

    Thanks, Tas, for posting this.

    To Vaughan and Sue, it’s a pity that you are so blinded to the prejudice of our society against true Christianity that you think that we live in a free society and that Christianity continues to have the least guiding influence!

    Please inform yourselves as to what Christianity truly is (e.g. by reading articles at and, or even by actually reading and studying the bible see what it actually says.

    See you’ve rejected a caricature of Christianity and won’t even consider the real thing, which confirms exactly what the Bible says or you, that you are blinded to the truth and dead in your sins.

    Christians aren’t perfect, only Christ is. However, that’s no excuse and those Christians who use it as an excuse are fatally flawed in their Christian walk (or not even Christians). See, that’s another thing you don’t understand – just because someone says they’re a Christian doesn’t mean they are – becoming a Christian is a work of God.

    I pray that the posters on this site will come to know that work of God in their life.

  9. Ross

    “Dawkins actually believes intelligent design is a valid scientific approach, but he will only accept certain types of designer.” (from YOUR BLOG above)

    Either you have been completely misinformed, or you’re just a liar. Which is it? Dawkins is opposed to Intelligent Design in every possible way. Not only does he view the theory as completely flawed, he also says that Intelligent Design proves, in his words, “precisely NOTHING.”

    “The attacking a groups of people (creationists, Christians) without any recourse to a defense by a members of those groups.” (also from YOUR BLOG)

    (I’m cutting and pasting your quotes which is why they have typos in them.)

    Did you actually watch the show, or did you fall asleep? There were at least THREE members of a Christian faith on the panel from the ALP, the Liberal Party and the Family First party and if you want my opinion, I think they all defended their faith a hell of a lot better than what you’re doing right now.

    And why are you only defending Christianity? There was a Rabbi on the panel as well. She believes in the same God as what you do. What’s the problem there?

  10. Tas Walker

    Hi Ross,

    Either you have been completely misinformed, or you’re just a liar. Which is it?


    There is an extensive interview toward the end of the DVD Expelled where Ben Stein asks Dawkins how the first living cell came about. Dawkins says, “No one knows.” He then explains that it is possible that the cell could have been designed and how such design could be detected. He goes on to discuss what sort of a designer it would and wouldn’t be. So, Ross, check out the DVD.

    I saw all those people on Q&A and they did a good job as far as they were able. But none was able to defend their Christian faith against Dawkins’ attacks. None was able to match him on evolution, on evidence, on science, on the Christian doctrine of redemption, or the age of the earth. All they could say was in effect, “Don’t be offensive.” But that is the way the ABC likes to set up these sorts of debates. They stack both sides facing the same way. Tell me, when have you ever seen an informed creationist appear on the ABC?

  11. Jennifer Parfenovics

    Tasman, I did not see the ABC Q and A but I would like to know the names of the 3 politicians ie one ALP one Liberal and one Family First. Is it possible to view the progamme still ? It is sad and unfair that our taxes pay for the ABC bashing of Christianity. Dawkins sets up straw man arguments and no one is there to call him out . Thank you for trying to address this wrong.

  12. Jason

    @Vaughan: I am sick of YOUR fairy tale (evolution) being used as a guiding principle and for indoctrinating children with a path of though that reduces humans to pond scum. Evolution is riddled with holes and requires faith to actually believe in it. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that it does not stand up to actually science.

  13. Tony

    Hi there, just wanted to share an independent view… I was not a Christian for over 30 years. I believed in evolution. I did not believe in God & hated those poor suckers that did. I was put in a position where I had to actually do some research to back up my uneducated ideas. I discovered that evolution (is now) a very poor theory & that modern science just simply proves creation. The harder I looked for proof there is no God the more evidence I found that there is. Now after freaking most of my friends out & studying the Bible, I have found every prophesy to be perfectly accurate & because I studied the historic facts (the vast majority discovered by non-Christians) with an open mind & heart, I have been totally convinced of a creator GOD & I look back & laugh at my ignorance that caused my disbelief. I pray that other non-believers study the facts & evidence & find the MUCH BETTER life that I now enjoy with my wife & family.