Central Queensland floods sweep cow out through Fitzroy River across ocean

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Likely path of cow caught in flood
Likely path of cow caught in flood
In early January 2011, a cow was spotted swimming near North Keppel Island some 12 km off the coast near Rockhampton, Queensland. It was thought the animal had been swept out through the Fitzroy River which was in flood at the time. The River peaked on 6 January at 9.2 metres and remained near its peak for more than two weeks. It was draining flood rainfall from an area of Queensland the size of Georgia in the USA. The volume of water flowing through the river each day would have filled Sydney Harbour twice over.

Great numbers of cattle were swept from properties in the catchment. I know of one family that lost their entire herd when water overtopped their dams and flowed across their land.

If the cow near North Keppel Island had indeed been washed out through the Fitzroy River (and it is hard to imagine where else it could have come from) then it would have travelled in the ocean for some 50 km before it was spotted (figure).

The tragic floods in central Queensland give a small insight into understanding the rocks and fossils that are a consequence of the enormous Flood of Noah’s day, that devastated the entire globe. The Bible describes the animals perishing during the Genesis catastrophe:

The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet. Every living thing that moved on the earth perished—birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind. Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died. (Genesis 7:20–22)

From the places where they lived, many of the animals that we find as fossils in the sedimentary rocks today are likely to have been swept for hundreds, perhaps even a thousand kilometres, during Noah’s Flood, before they were overwhelmed and buried. As geologists, that means we need to rethink how we interpret the geological environments of the past.

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4 Responses

  1. John Matthews

    Dear Tas

    Not so much a comment on this article, but to tell you that we have a last produced a pamphlet on a particualrly significant area of Britain’s geology. This was prompted by seeing your “Giant’s Causeway” leaflet (AIG) nearly 3 years ago. Mine has been produced by the Creation Science movement in the UK. I could sent you a pdf.

    Thanks for the idea – John Matthews

    PS look out for my article on the geological column in the next J of creation.

  2. Elijah

    Bothers me for any one thinking himself a scholar to quote the 20 feet over mountains scripture. WHAT HEIGHT WAS THIS, which mountain was finished forming when the ark grounded on it. If it was 20 feet over Ararat, then it was 3000 feet of Pikes Peak. It is like saying my local river flood went up to 20 feet over all houses and buildings in my town. Analyze that, does your town have no hills so that it is 200 feet over some houses while 5 feet over other houses. And 20 feet over a 3 story house next to a 1-story house? Granted 20 feet over 5 mountains of the world perhaps 15,000 ft will be 5000 feet over other mountains only 10,000 feet. Again who writes this 20 feet. Having eyes of God then all you people are blind if you cannot see it as 20 feet over Ararat because the context says it is the day the ark grounded that the 20 feet became less and lowered. It doesnt mean the planet had no water drainage for 150 days until the ark grounded. It means the measure is that of the ark bottom when grounding. It means Ararat was covered when the ark grounded so that if the ark is now lower on Ararat, it slid down. Perhaps even during the 74 days until Little Ararat was seen rising. Google, and you will find there are those who clearly agree and see it is the draught or draft of the ship (box). This also explains then the comment of GOD being the sealer of a 2nd floor door meaning covered with water for 150 days it didnt leak. Since atmospheric pressure doubles with 40 feet of water, there cannot be more than 60 feet of it on the air 52 miles up. as such there cant be LESS because that 40-feet is only a half inch of rain per hour for 40 days. Clearly, the continents collapsed, the cause being astral impact (all religions teach fear of a returning falling star, and they fear fire because there is no water canopy rain). Impact by asteroid causes Mohorovic Discontinuity meltdown a mile thick under the continents which then will flow in a tsunami fashion out under the raised ocean floors, and then return under the land. This is how we know land was built during the 7 days this way, and other global Floods existed before Adam, each time more of the canopy losing rain again. The secret is to predict what events on earth will align with such a future impact. My prediction is paradies can only be restored in a mere 1000 years if the water goes back up by impact to the South Pacific Ocean opposite the north impact in the Yucatan 5380 years ago on Nov 20.

  3. Patrick Walker

    Well, that diatribe was interesting! A complete breakdown on the interpretation of the bible …. hmmmmm? I recall a passage in the bible wherein it is stated “In God, anything is possible.” taking that to a logical conclusion, I’d say that there is no one who can successfully apply any law, including the physical laws, to God’s will and come up with an iron-clad (not even plastic-clad!)explanation of the Great Flood, or anything else for that matter. I suspect, as is admonished over and over in the bible, FAITH is the major ingredient. If you cannot explain something conclusively and with elementary proof, then perhaps, just perhaps God does not want you to know those things just yet. Thus, another verse, God will reveal all things in His time. Relax, folks, someone else in very much in charge! All is well. Cheerz!

    Tas Walker responds:
    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for that. However, it was quite the opposite of what you say. Have a look at the article The biblical roots of modern science: A Christian world view, and in particular a plain understanding of Scripture and Adam’s Fall, was essential for the rise of modern science.