Geology by the Book

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Geology by the Book DVD
Geology by the Book DVD

I’ve had some good feedback on this DVD of a talk I presented when I was in the UK. I like the title, which was suggested by the organizer of the event.

The DVD deals with a few iconic geological sites in the UK, such as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and Siccar Point in Scotland, and dramatically demonstrates the reality of Noah’s Flood. You can see how the geological evidence contradicts the millions-of-years story regularly told about those places. The DVD also deals with the Three Sisters in Australia.

On the DVD there is a brief explanation of the theory behind how to place different geological sites in the field within a biblical historical framework.

The reaction of secularists and atheists to anyone who says publically that Noah’s Flood actually happened and that it is evident in the geology is unbelievable. The events surrounding the new visitors’ centre at Giants’ Causeway is one remarkable example.

One friend sent me this feedback:

We showed Geology Book [to our friends] on Tuesday. Loved it. A nice mix of your personal story, history of transition to old age geology, and dealing with the major sites that are still used to promote gradualism.

The take home message is that once you begin in the right place—with the book—and view the geological evidence from that perspective, it transforms the way you see your world.

You can get the DVD here.