Great children’s book: Exploring geology with Mr Hibb

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Discovering evidence for creation and the biblical Flood
Discovering evidence for creation and the biblical Flood
My friend Mike Oard and his family produced an excellent book on geology for children called Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb. It’s wonderfully illustrated in full-color and explains geology in a simple way for young enthusiasts.

Chapters discuss how rocks formed, and the way the biblical Flood produced sedimentary rocks containing fossils. It describes how the landscapes were shaped by Flood runoff from the continents, and how the Ice Age fits into the scheme of things. As well as dealing with geological challenges such as dinosaur graveyards, tracks, and eggs, Mr Hibb goes into the origin of coal, metamorphic rocks, and the formation of caves and their deposits.

Also included are little sections containing observations, definitions, and hands-on activities.

All in all, I think it’s highly educational and will be great fun for kids—and parents too.