Geology excursion at Phillip Island, Australia, examines evidence for global Flood of Noah’s time

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Inspecting granite outcrop at Phillip Island, Victoria.
Inspecting granite outcrop at Phillip Island, Victoria.
In this picture a few enthusiastic participants inspect a small sandstone remnant sitting on a granite outcrop toward Cape Woolamai. Folk needed to walk a kilometre or two along the beach to reach this point, but there was lots to see along the way in the various rock outcrops exposed.

Since I last visited the site, a metre or two of beach sand had been removed by the sea and many more rocky outcrops were exposed, making for interesting viewing.

Cape Woolamai Beach is one of the three sites recommended in the geological field guide for a quick overview of the geology of the island. The other two recommended sites are the lookout at Pyramid Rock, and Bonwicks Beach, a secluded beach just south of San Remo. The self-guided field guide was especially prepared for the Creation Super Camp organized by Creation Ministries International, which was attended by more than 800 people from 5th to 11th January 2013.

The field guide has a geological map of Phillip Island and describes 19 sites altogether, with the idea that folk can inspect the rocks as they enjoy the many tourist attractions. Using the guide people can make sense of the geological evidence as they inspect it first hand. They can see how it preserves the remnants of remarkable geological events that occurred in the past, and how to piece these together into a geological histroy.

We received really good feedback from folk, who said it was great to be able to understand what they were looking at. Others said the geology of the island fell into place as they read the commentary on the sites, and that it really made sense. They were positively glowing with enthusiasm, and many of the young boys were inspired to get more into geological things.