Carnarvon Gorge from Battleship Spur as Noah’s Flood receded

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Receding floodwaters carving Carnarvon Gorge through water gap in Clematis Ridge
Receding floodwaters carving Carnarvon Gorge through water gap in Clematis Ridge
Here are some more shots1 of Carnarvon Gorge using Google Earth.

They are a series of screenshots with different sea levels, showing how water may have emptied through Carnarvon Gorge, using 2.5x elevation exaggeration for emphasis. The view is from the head of the Gorge looking toward the water gap through Clematis Ridge (red paddle). While these images don’t definitively prove that it was Clematis Ridge emerging through the receding water2 that caused the gap, it is consistent with that theory.

Of course, Google Earth cannot show the effects of changing landscape erosion, volcanic eruptions or continental movement that would have occurred as the Flood event progressed. It can only work with the landscape as it exists now. Nevertheless, Google Earth is an amazing tool that helps us explore different scenarios connected with the Recessive stage of Noah’s Flood, and view them from different perspectives.


1. The sky is dark because it was night in Australia when the series of shots were made, and Google Earth replicates the time of day.

2. The word ‘overtopping’, is not really the right description for the proposed method of formation of water gaps. It’s receding water and emergence from inundation that cuts them. There’s a subtle difference. In the former, it’s rising water that causes the incision, and the height water over the structure is limited by the height of the barrier. In the second the flow of the receding body of water applies kinetic and potential energy to the submerged area of weakness and the height of water does not have the same constraint.