Biblical geology at the national worldview conference at Gold Coast

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Advertising for my presentation
Advertising for my presentation
I’ll be presenting at the National Christian Apologetics and Worldview Conference to be held on the Gold Coast, Australia, from Thur 7th to Sat 9th November.

It’s a great program that goes to the heart of many issues confronting the Western World today.

In less than 100 years the once dominant Christian worldview has been gradually undermined and increasingly banished to the fringe of western culture. The Christian foundation has been replaced by godless socio-political ideologies openly hostile to belief in God and Christianity. It is incredible how this gradual transition from Christianity to godless Humanism was so seditiously and ingeniously achieved. It is truely one of the great epics of ideological warfare.

The organizers recognize the role that geological philosophy has played in changing the culture of the West, and that is why I’m presenting on geology.

My theme is “The Dating & Geological Guessing Game”, and in the presentation I’ll be showing why Genesis can be trusted. You will be amazed at the anti-biblical ideological assumptions behind geological interpretations and dating methods, and how these have affected our culture. Being informed is being equipped, and that will allow participants to respond appropriately to the challenges we see ourselves in.

There are other great presenters with time for interaction and discussion. Check the full list of speaker topics.

If you are concerned at the way things are going in your country and are looking for ways to change it, this will be a conference you won’t want to miss.

You can register on line or by phone. Find registration details toward bottom of page here.