Geology papers in latest Journal of Creation

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Journal of Creation 27(1) April 2013
Journal of Creation 27(1) April 2013
The latest Journal of Creation has lots of excellent articles and papers on geological issues.


  • The meaning of porous dinosaur eggs laid on flat bedding planes, by Michael Oard

  • Helium-3 capture in lunar regolith and the age of the moon, by Andrew Sibley

  • Internal oceanic waves and sedimentation, by Michael Oard


  • Impacts and Noah’s Flood—how many and other issues, by Wayne Spencer

  • What do impacts accomplish in the first hour? by Michael J. Oard

  • Global tectonics—clarity, not confusion, by John Baumgardner

  • Why was the UK once totally under water? by John D. Matthews

  • Fossil jellyfish from the Pilbara, Western Australia, by Philip Worts

  • Geology indicates the terrestrial Flood/post-Flood boundary is mostly in the Late Cenozoic, by Michael J. Oard

Plus, there are many articles on all sorts of other subjects, including biology, genetics, information, archaeology, philosophy and theology. See contents page, from where you can subscribe.